Fort George, Grenada, West Indies

Fort George
Situated on a volcanic spine 175 feet above the harbor of St. George's, capital of the island nation of Grenada, the structure was built by the French as Fort Royal between 1705 & 1710. It figured largely in the Seven Years War (French & Indian War in U.S.) in the American Revolution (as Fort George) the French Revolution, the Grenadian Revolution (as Fort Rupert) and in the U.S.- Caribbean intervention of 1983. It was within the walls of this fort that the popular Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and his supporters were executed by the more Marxist wing of their party on October 19, 1983. Ordinary Grenadian citizens were casualties on that same day. Badly damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, this original 18th century structure nonetheless remains one of the finest examples of Vauban-style masonry fortresses in the world.
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Now supports the Willie Redhead Foundation. The WRF is a volunteer non-profit group located in St. George's Grenada, whose members are consistently working to preserve the rich history of a proud nation. Fort George will benefit from their stewardship.
‘Every cent donated goes towards the Preservation and Renewal of the National Heritage of Grenada. All members and officers are unpaid volunteers’.

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PDF Drawings of Fort George
Drawings of Fort George.
Thanks to the excellent work of Anne Hersh, Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions, you can download drawings of the fort by clicking on the Hospital drawing to the left.