A list of those who have supported Portcullis

Portcullis Limited wishes to extend thanks to the following individuals, corporations and organizations for their help in support of our effort to establish Fort George, Grenada, as an economically viable educational facility. If you helped and do not see your name or organization, please remind us by clicking the Contact tab to the left.

Dr. the Hon. Keith C. Mitchell
American Airlines
Corps of Advisors - Portcullis Limited
Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions
Anne Hersh, Architect
Mary Geiger-Vogt, Architect
Fred Vogt, Architect
Norris Mitchell, Architect
Mr. Leslie Pierre
The Grenadian Voice
The Bellmore Johnson Company
The Director and Staff, Halifax Citadel
The Director and Staff, Fort Ticonderoga
The Director and Staff, Old Fort Niagara
The Director and Staff, Fort Ligonier
The Grenada National Museum, Inc.
Mr. Michael Jessamy
The Grenada National Trust
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Pitt
The Reenactment Regiment Saintonge
The Reenactment Regiment Deux Ponts
The Willie Redhead Foundation
Mrs. Jean Fisher
The Hon. George Brizan
Sir Paul and Lady Scoon
Gloria Payne-Banfield and Family
Ambassador and Mrs. Denis G. Antoine and Family
Ambassador Deneth Modeste
Mr. Lloyd W. Moss
Mr James L. Phillips
Mrs. Meryl Forsyth
Dr. George Vincent
Mr. and Mrs. David Yohannan
Mrs. Sally Lloyd - Loom donor
Mr. Joe Hannagan - Lighthouse Keeper
Grenada Board of Tourism
In Memorium - The Honorable and Mrs. Herbert Blaize
Arawak Islands Ltd. and Staff
The Nation Publishing Company, Barbados
Mr. Harold Hoyte
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Morrissette
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Hunt
Lt. Col. Nestor Ogilvie
Commissioner of Police Fitzroy F. A. Bedeau and Staff
Inspector John D. Lambert, RGPF (Retired)
Hon. Nicholas and Mrs. Brathwaite
Mr. George Brathwaite
Mr. John Brathwaite
Mr. Albert Brathwaite
Mr. Jack Iron
Madge T. Ollivierre
Hon. Anthony Boatswain
Daniel St. Bernard
Barbara Norton
Stuart W. Macrae
Mrs. Bruce F. Macrae
Peter G. Bourne, MA, MD
Calum N. L. Macpherson, PhD, DIC
Mike Quinn, P.E.
Bruce Johnston
Elizabeth Harding
The Hon. Jean Augustine, M.P.
Phyllis Johnson and Family
Grenada Board of Tourism
Hon. Claris Charles
Hon. Brenda Hood
Mr. William Joseph
Mr. Nigel Gravesande
Dr. Linus Spencer Thomas
The Hon. George Brizan
Leslie Aller
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lawrence Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. William Burdette and Family
Dean Lewis and Family
In Memorium - Ms. Angela Clements
Mrs. Myrtle Thompson
Mr. Rupert Ambrose
The Rev. Patrick Bascio, SJ
Linda Grant, Esq.
Ms. Trish Bethany
Mr. Lincoln Haying
Georgia Lingle Waldrop
Mrs. Joseph Milbourne Lingle
Mr. and Mrs. John Fitzhugh Millar and Master Ian
Dr. Edward McDonough
Ms. Joni Norman
Leigh and Sandy Doptis
Rick Tarby, Esq.
James Eisenhower, Esq.
Mr. Alexander Zackupowsky, Jr.
In Memorium - The Rev. Canon and Mrs. John D. Zimmerman
Mr. William Banks
Mr. Ken Smith-Christmas
The Rev. Canon James Claypoole Dorsey
Mr. Paul Emig
In Memorium - Richie Adams
Mr. Tom Franklin
Fred and Sandy Ferlazzo
Mr. Chester John
Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Morrisson
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Manwani
Mr. Hayden Mathews
Pan American Development Foundation
Staff and Volunteers of The Claude Moore Colonial Farm
Mr. Gordon Studebaker
Mr. Robert Pierre
Mr. Bruce Johnston
Mr. and Mrs Gary W. Winemiller
Keith Perks
Major Colin Robins
In Memorium - Leon W. Wilder
Anne Wilder
In Memorium - Kearra Herry-Thomas
J. Angus Martin
George Alexander Bain
Brian Steele
Mr. Marcel Chatillon
Mr. François Fouré
W. Michael Kramer, Esq.
Mr. Peter Weisel
Mr. Patrick McDuffie
Mr. Kermit Moh
Dr. Courtney Gallimore